High Speed 2

Skanska Costain Strabag joint venture, is delivering full detailed design and construction of Phase One of the UK’s new high-speed railway in the southern section of the overall High Speed Two (HS2) project.


 Name : HIGH SPEED 2

 Country : United Kingdom

 City : London

 Year : 2022

 Diameter : 2x ɸ9,84m

 Construction company : Skanska, Costain, Strabag

The UK’s new high-speed railway

“Skanska Costain Strabag joint venture, is delivering full detailed design and construction of Phase One of the UK’s new high-speed railway in the southern section of the overall High Speed Two (HS2) project.  


The Project consists of 2 sections (S1 and S2) with a total of 7 main tunnels excavated with EPB machines.


S1 Euston tunnels: Ø: 8,54m    L: 14.336m  🡪 2 TBMs

S1 Atlas road tunnel: Ø: 7,05m    L:      950m  🡪 1 TBM

S2 Northolt tunnels East: Ø: 9,84m    L: 11.024m  🡪 2 TBMs

S2 Northolt tunnels West: Ø: 9,84m    L: 15.751m  🡪 2 TBMs

We can divide the 2 main drives depending on main characteristic grounds: London clay and Lambeth/Chalk.

TNL18 is involved from the very beginning of the Project with soil conditioning, using the foaming agents ACTISOYL 20W, ACTISOYL CC, ACTISOYL 100 and the polymer ACTI+ WW. 

We also were involved in hyperbaric works with cake hardener ACTIEDGE. During the start-up of the TBMs, technical service offered by TNL18 was essential for the good performance of the TBMs.

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Soil conditionning
Additives and Polymers
Hyperbaric works
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