Train Interurbano Toluca

Train Interurbano Toluca

Projet Summary

 Name : Train Interurbano Toluca

 Country : Mexico

 City : México

 Year : 2018

 Diameter : 2x ɸ10,00m

 Construction Company : ICA

Toluca Interurban Train

The Mexico – Toluca Interurban Train is a long-distance, medium-speed railway construction project that will connect the Metropolitan Area of Toluca Valley with the Metropolitan Area of Mexico Valley.


The project has a 4.76 km long twin-tube tunnel, connected with cross-passages. This tunnel was made with 2 multimodal TBMs of 8.57m in diameter.


In general, the tunnels have mainly crossed two sections or areas to be considered:


  • Section mainly in Rock (Representing 65% of the total tunnel), with levels of altered Trachyandesites, Andesites with different degrees of oxidation and Andesitic Breccias. This rock section was not continuous, as it alternated with more fractured and altered sections that appeared suddenly.


  • Section in Soft Soils and/or Rocks (Representing 35% of the total tunnel), in mechanical contact with the previous section through a subvertical fault and characterized by tobas levels with different degrees of alteration, as well as tobaceas breccias.


TNL18 was present at the Project supplying the foaming agents ACTISOYL 100, ACTISOYL 20W AND ACTISOYL CC.

For the tail sealing, ACTISEAL PS1 tail seal grease was used and for the protection of the main bearing, we supplied ACTISEAL MB mastic.

Product used
Soil conditionning
Tail Sealing
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